From the luxury motor coaches that bring tourists on exciting sightseeing adventures to the 200″ stretch SUV limousines and everything in between.

Tour and sightseeing coaches, intercity buses, transit buses, you name it, if you own a bus/motorcoach or any vehicle with passenger capacity in excess of 15 passengers, we have an insurance program for you.

Since 1991, we have been perfecting ways for bus owners to have the best of both worlds-great pricing and claim services backed up by the best products and services available anywhere.

When it comes to daily commutes, it makes sense for shuttle companies to have their protection with shuttle Insurance Professionals.

As your insurance broker, we will provide you many value-added services such as shuttle driver training tapes, loss control, and great customer service which further reduce insurance costs and improve the quality and safety of your shuttle company.  Choosing the proper shuttle insurance company for corporate, public and owner-operated shuttle fleets is one of the most important decisions you as an insured can make. You can’t afford to guess wrong.

We can do all of the above and have been doing it for shuttle companies since 1991.


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